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Whether it be C#, C++, Python or anything else. We will try assist.
So you've written this thing but you feel like it's all copied from Stack Overflow or wherever it is. Firstly that's beacuse it probably is, but this is not a bad thing necessarily as it requires code to be able to code (I mean go look at a GitHub project you'll see what I mean).
you see no one is born being able to code, do math, build hackintosh's ;) etc etc. Now this might sound crazy but to be a better programmer take a step back, ignore the compiler for a bit, and look at the bigger picture of the project and ask your self do I enjoy the end goal with a passion? If so then your instantly become better at it as you have a reason to do it, you like it. I mean for example my GitHub is included in my signature so feel free to take a project and look at its code and try to understand it and improve it (also I have purposely not included finished projects so go give it a go).
An other thing you need to understand is that programming is mostly simple logic with syntax surrounding it to make it readable to humans (except assembly)

Also in short you want to think I can do this as it motivates you to actually do it and you'll be surprised at how much you know once you get in the flow of it. Trust me there have been times where I've felt like giving up programming completely and I'd say give up for the night, go out for a walk or something I don't know but the point is do something that isn't the the thing causing those feelings. Then come back to it tomorrow and reread what you have, I can guarantee you find something to improve. If not put it on GitHub and get someone else to look at it.

as for the cookie cutter response on Stack Overflow(or anywhere for that matter) of "go learn the basics" go ask them for resources and go learn them slowly. take C++ for example said to be one of the hardest languages to learn and is not recommended for beginners, well it was my first language I learnt. Trust me you can do it even when it's tough push through you'll feel better at the for finishing the thing even if that's as simple as learning how to use if statements in PHP or whatever it maybe.

Also PS good luck ou can do :)
Feel free to message me on Discord with projects or issues I'll be happy to check them out and help if I can. It will be though but it's worth it in the end so go make cool stuff :D

Discord: matt mods#1663
Discord server(with language specific channels):
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