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USB keyboard and USB mouse speed 0x2, USB flash drive speed 0x1 in ports USB 2.0

Posted: Mon Nov 12, 2018 5:21 am
by alexyalinc
USB ports for some reason work on the OHC driver. WHY? I don't now.
Do I need to edit DSDT or configure kext?
USB 3.0 works well, but only 1 port out of 2.

When installing sierra USB 2.0 work like USB 1.0. USB 3.0 did not work at all.

After POSTINSTALL, GenericXHC kext turned on and USB 3.0 started to work. but USB 2.0 also works as USB 1.0

my PC:
CPU: AMD A10-5800k
GPU: gtx 1060 3gb
MOTHERBOARD: gigabyte f2a85xm-d3h

I installed yosemite and there were no problems with usb 2. but usb3 didn't work. but it is not so important. Why does the same kext work differently?

How to enable forced speed 0x2?