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Help with AMD OS X after installation.
Sleep and even Deepsleep is working fine now with the following settings:

Enable C6 in ACPI settings
Bootflags: -gux_no_idle
Disable Siri (maybe someone can explain why this is neccessary)

Sleep works just fine with the bootflag -gux_no_idle, but i had problems waking up. In the Console.app i noticed that Siri is flooding it with events. Since I disabled Siri deepsleep is working like a charm and waking my system from sleep and deepsleep is not a problem anymore.

With deepsleep I mean: C6 state, all fans stop, all hard drives stop, my powerbutton starts flashing every second. To wake up i have to press the powerbutton once.


My sleep is now working and im able to wake from sleep using the "power" button on my case. But my system eventually crashes and reboots after about a minute from wake. Im using the current settings posted by ithasryzen1600. Any more ideas on a fix??? Im attaching my current crash log.
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hey man, your crash report says "[email protected]/Volumes/Captain_Test/Users/Osx/Desktop/xnu_sierra/10_12_4/xnu-3789.51.2_amd/osfmk/kern/zalloc.c:651". do you know about that file or folder?

My Sleep Functionality is mainly dependent on the boot settings of my GPU. You may try use the following boot flags and maybe combine them:


Do you use SlpSmiAtWake under ACPI in Clover Configurator?
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by: junepy
I know it's an old post but still want to say big thank you after following your setup!

- Enable C6 in ACPI settings
- Bootflags: -gux_no_idle
- Disable Siri (maybe someone can explain why this is neccessary)

Have spent a few hours on it already and finally this is it!
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