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95%+ of all content, discussions, etc. about AMD hackintosh seems to be centered on High Sierra and Mojave.

I tried for a few days to install High Sierra on my Ryzen (main rig), but despite my valiant efforts, I was rejected at the gate. I don't want do keep my main rig out of operation while I tinker on a AMD hackintosh.

So, I realized I have two choices, and I need your help/expertise in deciding.

1. Try to install Sierra on an older system I have laying around, but the chief problem is that the processor is a AMD A6-9500, which doesn't have the SSE4.1 required for High Sierra+.
But, I can dabble with it, as time allows, without issue. But, I find very little in the way of guides, etc, so that is a big negative. The CPU is trash, only cost me 30 quid, and only bought it like 90% of the people that bought it, to update BIOS on a board, so that I can use a Ryzen on it. =/

2. I pony up some cash, and buy some new hardware, namely another ryzen processor (I will get a new Video Card as well, because from what I have read a AMD RX 570 seems decent for the price, and less headaches than Nvidia. I am not really gaming from the macos, anyway. And, return to High Sierra installations.

What would you guys recommend?? 1 or 2?


Hi man in the suit, I would try using the HDD from your older computer with your Ryzen build. So you can have one HDD with Windows/Linux and a 2nd one with MacOS, each drive with its own bootloader, then you can choose which drive to boot in using the boot options given by the bios at boot time.
Thanks for your good advice.

I spent the next day installing Mojave! Wow, progress is such a good feeling.

The excitement and enjoyment is unmitigated. There was some disappointment that Nvidia drivers (thus, 3-d acceleration doesn't work) are not supported in Mojave. It only tempered my positivity. I just ordered an AMD FX 580. I know, performance is not premium, by any means, at least it will give 3D acceleration, and supposedly it works good with Final Cut Pro, so that is enough for me. Can't hurt to have a spare Video Card (I have another one, but it's over ten years old, so virtually trash--no, it's trash).

A day or two later, and I am still pumped, that it can ALL work! It still doesn't. Need to solve the video issues (that are due to the video card), sound doesn't work (I have Realtek S1220A), so I will need to play around with that--but there are solutions about.

It will be very nice to have macOS on my advanced hardware.
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