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Hello!, I've recently purchased the following, intending to build a first hackintosh. Please tell me if you know ahead of any gotchas for my hardware. Thank you.
  • ASUS M5A78L-m/USB3
  • Loud 3-pin to 4-pin Dynatron A48G Cooler (Looking at standard 4-pin coolers)
  • AMD FX-8320
  • 4x Kingston KVR13N9S8/4 4GB (16Gb ddr3 @ 1333Mhz)
  • Either 1 of EVGA GTX 1060 6gb or 1070 8gb (in the pcie 2.0 x16 slot)
Things I really want to work, that I don't have the hardware for...

Update. I am stuck trying to install Enoch on my 10.13.6 macbook. Is there a better way on ubuntu 18, which I have installed on the destination pc? Thank you.

Handoff! (My MBP 2010 can't use the nice airdrop/handoff features)

Working with AmazonBasics wired USB keyboard/mouse...

Thanks. I hope this works!
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I've got the parts needed and I'm almost there.
  • Asus M5A78L-M/usb3
  • AMD FX-8320 8x 3.5ghz
  • 4x 4gb 1333 ddr3
  • GT 710 2gb gpu
I may be closing in with Enoch, my 2nd day of negotiations. I've just scrapped the GUID install drive for the 12th time or so.

It's not really clear what I need to do with the Enoch Files folder contents, so I just dropped all the kext files from there into /Volumes/SierraAMD/Library/Extensions, and changed owner to root.

Ah, I'm using the SierraAMD_V5.2b with Enoch Bootloader.dmg. The mobo has no UEFI or XHCI and I gather I need to install Enoch to work around those.

At the time (the moment) of typing this, I'm into phase 2, where I run `sh /Volumes/SierraAMD/PostInstall/post.sh`. Please bear with me. . .

Now I've put all the Extensions from Enoch Files into /Library/Extensions. And changed the owner from my user to root. Now running Enoch (2902) installation. And here is where I seem to get stuck. For now, since I don't understand the options well, I'm going with "Standard Install"... Now restarting, see if I can get a first bootup w/o the usb key, and.... fail.
Code: Select all
. . . 
[ PCI configuration begin ]
RTC: Only single RAM bank (128 bytes)
(hard reboot, not sure what to do)

Am I on track?

[Update/edit] Maybe worth noting that I do not have a Windows install. I used the `dd` command in linux to create the usb stick. Precisely—
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sudo dd if=/path/to/download of=/unmounted/device bs=4M status=progress conv=fdatasync
Please note I think the params may be linux oriented. They're a little different on mac. And I want to say this for the search engines that you can create a bootable hackintosh usb drive on linux without windows, without transmac. (Sorry.)


Boot with -v npci=0x2000
Ah, I just got the bull to boot from the drive, installing clover to no avail and then success with Enoch. I copied all the Extension kext files from "Enoch files" into /Library/Extensions. Many of them I guess aren't needed. I've got to click OK through them before any restart. And I get the "waiting for keyboard" error. And it seems too slow to boot.

Mixed feelings, but I'm glad I made it to the first big milestone. Thank you.
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