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by: gangotri
Previously, I had a Hackintosh on Yosemite, though months ago, I upgraded my GPU to an NVidia card. I had a 10.12.5 one, but it was quite slow, I was going to post the semi-success, but I never did.

I recently tried again on 10.12.6 and quickly came to a success.

As the usual, USB, audio, internet working like a charm! I was able to get Nvidia drivers working perfect in no time.

As all of you know, AMD is avoided and never helped here because they are a pain in the butt. So I went through the pain (but did get help) to get this working. Take a look, here's my desktop!: http://i.imgur.com/pI7HvII.png

Now, I say it's success, but it's not perfect. I have a little wishlist: 1. Faster Hackintosh (may be due to Nvidia Web Drivers on beta) 2. iMessage/FaceTime to be working (It's possible on AMD, I just may have gotten my account blacklisted!) 3. Siri working (It appears that only a few people have gotten Siri to work on AMD, Shaneee, creator of AMD kernels is still looking into this)

Thank you guys for reading and thanks to all the people in the AMD OS X community who helped me succeed in my build! Anyone feel free to ask questions!


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