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Hey everyone,
I try my first hackintosh yesterday :) I manage to install, run the PostInstall Commands and boot into my installation drive via USB. But I think I did something wrong at Post-Instalation, because I can't boot without the usb. Apart from that everything was working (I think), nvidia web drivers, sound, internet, etc.

I use SierraAMD V5.2 with Enoch Bootloader. Installed the Enoch and Clover. Didn't find Clover in the installation usb so I pick one from web and manual copy clover folder into my installation drive. Also run the confg. file. But probably here did something wrong. One thing I'm still not 100% sure, do I need Enoch and clover install or just 1 ?
After several attempts with cloover configurator (and many videos on youtube) I think I mess up some drivers and decided to reinstall it again (didn't made the post-installation yet).

I could use some help with this final steps if possible -)
Thanks in advance!

Hardware spec:
cpu: AMD FX 8350
motherboard: msi 990 FXA-GD65 (military class)
ram: G.SKILL Trident X - 16GB (2x8gb)
driver: SSDCrucial MX500 500GB
Installation file: SierraAMD V5.2 with Enoch Bootloader


It's working! :thumbup:
I follow the tutorials and after some consideration I end up installing Enoch instead of Clover. Kinda felt easier to start with, maybe I will change latter on. It's booting ok and looks like everything is working (apart from microphone but I think I will get there). NvidiaWebdrivers and CUDA also ok, just need some testing on solfware. (forgot to mention I'm running a gtx 1080). I still see the Enoch menu at the start but that's not an issue at this point. I'm still learning how to add Kext and stuff :lol:

2 Quick questions. My ram speed shows far lower than it is on bios, is it just a bug ? Before I had my cpu overclock to 4.4 Ghz, during the installation I set bios to default and went to 4.0, you think is safe to overclock it again ?

Again thanks for the help and great work with the AmdMacOS! -)
sudeen.sham wrote:AMD FX8350


MAC OS VERSION comparable
What is your question, please post your question in a new thread.
I have a problem with the second part of the installation. I mean, Iget to install Mac OS X succesfully, even I do the PostInstall terminal stuff, but when I try to boot from MountainLionOS, I get this on the screen for endless time... Please help me, it’s only that step to go :(
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