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This is the new 10.12.6 kernel for All AMD CPU's / APU's with SSE4.1 _by_bronya.

Note: FX users ,no need to install/upgrade to this kernel is you are already using 10.12.6 FX kernel by Shaneee.

- Install kernel file in System/Library/Kernels folder.
- Install System.kext using kext utility .
- Reboot.
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Use this guide to installing it

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Norton287 wrote: Tue Oct 03, 2017 6:24 pm Use this guide to installing it

Hi Norton287.....i did the tutorial in the video you linked but after reboot i still got the cant find mach_kernel.

In the tutorial i downloaded the fx amd kernel and put it in the system/library/kernel folder as shown and deleted the other file he mentioned...got kext utility to repair permissions but still got the error

any ideas? thanks
Did you get any errors on kext utility. See if you can boot off USB to desktop and run OnyX (see download link in my signature), run the first 3 tasks on the Maintenance tab.
The attached Zip file seems to be corrupted. Can you upload the fix one again?

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