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by: sulaiman57
tsmswifty wrote:I'm stuck on this screen, tried hotswaping but no USB port would work. I'm on a Ryzen 5 1600, GTX 1080, ASRock AB350 Pro4. It then kernel panics.
Can you please send me your config.plist and also your motherboard setting. Ive been stuck at Waiting on dict for nearly a week.

Thanks in advance,

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ithasryzen1600 wrote:@diontoradan,

I had issues regarding the USB ports, too. I tried recovering the installer image to my HDD but ended up the same way as you, without USB support for mouse and keyboard. What it solved for me was:

1. Restore the Installer to your flash drive
2. I put GenericUSBXHCI.kext on the flash drive (as me if you don't know the path, i'd have to check myself) -> bootet without a problem
Hi bro,
Can you please send me your config.plist and motherboard setting. Ive been stuck at waiting on dict error for a long time. Since you are running very similar hardware as mine I believe it may help me boot up to macOS.

Thanks in advance,



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by: ProjectV8
@ithasryzen1600, @Norton287,
Thank you buddies.
Helped me a lot.
I will now be able to proceed with the installation.
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