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Hello everybody,

I am new to this forum and a total noob in general so I apologize for my stupidity :lol:

So I have a Custom Built PC with an AMD FX-8350 with Windows 10 on it. I was wondering how I would install macOS Sierra along with keeping Windows 10. I would also like for a link to the download files as well.

Thank you,


I have the same question! It would be amazing if I could just free up one partition for Mac OS X on my hard drive and keep Windows 10. :)
I always recommend to install macOS on a separate HDD/SSD from Windows. This way there's no chance of any conflicts between the two.
@AbdeeSky, Read this about laptops, viewtopic.php?f=28&t=1703
Manage to dual boot mac osx and windows 8 before. But you have to install mac osx first before install windows cause it is very likely that you willl encounter a problem in installing mac osx. But the recommended way is to use separate HDD which what I am doing.
As @skadush said, it is recommended to install macOS first in order to troubleshoot any issues with it. I would suggest hooking up a secondary drive into your PC (if you have one) that can fit your already installed Windows and clone the primary drive to the secondary one so that you have a backup. Then wipe the primary drive and first install macOS and after you are done troubleshooting and the OS is ready to use, make another partition and clone Windows from the secondary drive to the partition you created. However, this is all theoretical and I would just suggest using a separate drive for each OS.
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