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by: Shaneee
Try booting with USBLegacyOff=Yes


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by: Adaam
i have same problem
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I figured out now that when you come to installing screen you need to leave it 3-4 hours to get completed without moving mouse or anything I have same problem and I just leave my pc couple hours and for me it's work perfectly.
I'Ve had the same issue today. Installed an old 120GB internal HDD, restored installer to the HDD and installed from this small HDD. Installation was amazingly fast.
Just leave it sit mine took 4 hours, it'll eventually finish. :thumbup:
Ha! Really 4 hours!! Thank you I'll leav it running over night and see what happenes! Does anyone know why this is?
this thread made me laugh...
"just wait"
"i waited"
"wait some more"
"i did"
"wait 3 hours"
"still wait more"
"bruh... it's frozen"
"move your mouse around"
"*wraps mouse cord around neck and kicks chair*"
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