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Success with Strix X470 and 3600X @ 4.42 1.3825v.
Dual boot with Windows 10. Using an ASUS GTX 1080 in first PCIe slot to power Windows 10 with a Zotac GT 720 in the second slot on dual monitor setup. Zotac GT 720 Powers macOS Catalina thanks to baked in support for Nvidia 7XX cards. I'm currently looking for a bigger 7XX that can replace the 720.

Asus GTX 1080 connected with HDMI to main monitor /Zotac GT 720 connected with DVI to 2nd monitor for Windows.
Asus GTX 1080 connected with DVI to main monitor/Zotac GT 720 connected with HDMI to 2nd monitor for macOS Catalina

GTX 1080 is my primary card for windows handling graphic and physx. I let the 720 handle the second monitor which is nothing more than temp monitoring while gaming, steam friends, afterburner etc.

With this Video card setup and Catalina having baked in support for 7XX series cards I am able to fire up Opencore choose Catalina then switch my main monitor source from HDMI to DVI and I get a fairly seamless handoff with the GT 720 running both monitors on Catalina.

Ive found 2 small consequences that occur from running this setup:
-Apple boot logo is huge because its being displayed by the GTX 1080 and hasn't switched over to the GT 720 yet
-Adding a second card to my system has obviously limited my GTX 1080 to 8X in windows. This is the biggest downside but since I'm not having issues running games or FPS drops I'll suffer it out until I build a dedicated Hackintosh.

Everything working except a few audio ports that I don't care about. I'm using APPLEALC with alcid=2 boot arg. I was getting Kernel panics playing music with layout 7.

Bare minimum kexts needed to run the board (I think)

Thanks to everyone here. I had never used a Mac until a few months back when Apple made some changes regarding the way apps are signed with free developer accounts . I'm a jailbreaker I needed to get unc0ver on my iPhone and I don't believe in using shady signing services that endorse piracy so I needed an actual Mac or a Hackintosh to use Xcode.

Thanks to everyone here and this guide https://github.com/CoKelly-Projects/ModernHackintosh I couldn't have done it without those resources.


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