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I’ve tested the fan curves with the software, noted it down and then manually entered it into the BIOS. I’ll see how they pan out after a full day of working. If all is good I’ll share them. But mind they are optimized for a completely different case, fans and cooling.

Regarding CPU name: Somebody in this Forum analyzed and even debugged Apples code. Conclusion is that you can’t change the CPU name when only the frequency is shown. The only way is to patch/fix the code reading it out, but that is a lot more work...

If you want to make the root filesystem writeable you’d have to deactivate SIP first.
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For details regarding CPU Name see here: viewtopic.php?f=61&t=9852
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Btw, nice and clean build 👍🏻
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Getting cooling right in this case is a little trickier:
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@Apophis I’ll make a windows boot drive and do the same then.

I plan to watercool my phantoms case down the road when the new Navi GPU comes out. For now you can see how much smaller the Shift makes the NZXT 210 look in the picture I uploaded.
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Nice, how are the thermals with air cooling?

One thing I did was set the SB fan to a nearly flat line where it is just unnoticeable until 65 degrees. The thing seems to reach 55 degrees under load most of the time anyway. Some posts on reddit say you can even turn it off if you have good airflow there...
I assume you are referring to the Shift case? If so, thermals are very good for what it is used for. So good that I have to hook up the system and check the numbers. I can't remember the last time I checked them :lol: . Its running a Ryzen 5 2600X and a 1060 Ti. I bought the phanteks water cooling CPU, GPU, and 160 resivoir combo back when I bought it because I heard this case can get very hot. Needless to say I never needed to install the water cooling stuff because temps were fine. It was my first PC build and it was for the family room for emulation, MAME, and movies.

Plan is to get this 3900X dialed in to perfection and then transfer it over from the NZXT case to the Shift case since it will run on the Asus 470 board in there. By then I should be able to find an affordable 1080 ti to replace the 1060 ti thats in there. Then I'll finally install the rest of the water cooling stuff since I have it already. I plan to plop a 3950X in this current Hackintosh build once I figure out how things work and I get them how I want them. So this is like a high end test run for me. It's good learning too.

By the way...I tried installing E7030000 into my config.plist to completely disable SIP, I rebooted and I still don't have permission to change anything on my main boot drive pertaining to permissions. So I also enabled PollAppleHotKets so I could try the command+r function and it doesn't boot to recovery so I may just leave the customizing stuff alone for now. The way I see it, stop while ahead plus everything I see pertains to Mojave so I would have to do a clean install of OC 5.7 using Mojave. Maybe I try that if I get really bored waiting for my RMA number from ASRock :crazy:
I ran into that too, when you set it to E7030000 you either have to clear the old entry from NVRAM manually, or do a complete NVRAM reset since OC does not overwrite existing entries.

I guess the biggest issue in the Evolv Shift is a higher end GPU since there is so few breathing room. I selected the RX 5500 because they are low power, and the Sapphire Pulse is only 2 slots high, anything higher will just be struggling for air.

Btw, I was using Rufus (https://rufus.ie) to create a Windows Live USB Stick, but I could not get it finished under VirtualBox... I don't know if my USB Stick was just too crappy. If you go that route see that you have something better than just 15mb/s write speed otherwise you're in for a real pain. After that experience I ordered a Corsair Flash Voyager GTX with about 400mb/s read/write, probably a little overkill but that thing flies :D

My current Fan curves worked out so far:
CPU: 40°/35% 50°/40%, 60°/60% 70°/80%
Chassis: 40°/44%, 50°/55%, 60°/75%, 70°/90%
S/B: 45°/40%, 55°/45%, 65°/55%, 70°/80%
(The case fans set to CPU temps, and higher % since they have lower RPMs than the CPU fans)
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RMA number showed up so I shipped the board back today. Now its a waiting game. Your fan curve seems pretty close to what I had minus setting the chassis fans to take direction from CPU. I like that idea though

Were you ever succesful in get SIP disabled? If so then I know I need to do NVRAM reset when I get the new board.

I saw in another thread someone was able to get sleep working. Have you tried that yet?

I tried and failed with Parallels for mac install. I never tried Virtual Box. Is it similar to Parallels?
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BTW...these guys will mod you Phanteks Shift case to assist with cooling, may be worth a look https://modmymods.com/custom-phanteks-e ... panel.html
Yes, setting to E7030000 and resetting NVRAM works well. I usually have it set on my backup USB boot stick if I quickly need to disable it.
The AIO pulls in more (warm) air under CPU load while mainboard temps are usually still low, so to exhaust this air I need to ramp up the case fans more eagerly.

I got sleep working, it was quite some work to get all hurdles. Key points were: Configuring internal Bluetooth USB Ports as USB 2 instead of internal and disabling the second XHC0 USB controller completely (loosing USB 3 on two ports in the process).
Without excluding XHC0 the system would just reboot on wakeup.

I used Parallels in the past, but not recently. I think it has issues on AMD, but I've also read of people having it working. Might be some way to get it to run. VirtualBox is free and works well enough for my use cases, but it does not have the same hardware pass through capability of Parallels as far as I know.

I saw the ModMyMods but their patterns are not quite what I'm looking for and with international shipping they end up costing more than just doing it locally. Someone on reddit was kind enough sharing their patterns: https://www.reddit.com/r/Phanteks/comme ... rflow_mod/
I may explore the sleep option seeing as how I only really need the thunderbolt 3 and maybe 1 USB 3 port Off of this board. I knew going into this build with this board I would be purchasing the dock from OWC. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B07JMH6B ... asin_title

This dock is the perfect companion for any Mac or Hack or PC too. All you need is a TB3 connection. Which kext do I need to add to fix sleep and what needs to be changed in Config.plist? I’ll make note of it.
See in my EFI: https://github.com/aluveitie/RyzenMacPro
* SSDT-XHC-XHC0.aml: Just disables XHC0 and leave it out
* AMD-USB-Map-XHC0-MacPro7,1.kext: Enters the XHC0 without ports
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