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Oh okay. Did you configure it a certain way? Because all I did was copy your kext for the Ethernet port for this board. So I need to configure it instead?
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SUCCESS: I’m up and running on MacOS Catalina.

Turns out I could not use your kext for smalltree-i1211. I had to download and use the one from get hub mentioned in the vanilla install guide. I think yours was specifically for your system. When you mentioned it wasn’t installed I combed through that part of the install guide.

I’ll report back later with an update of where I am with things and what’s working and what’s not. Seems like the USB ports to the far left don’t work. Only the ones under the Ethernet port.

Question. How did you change the name of your system Info screen to “Ryzen Pro”?

Also, do you think I can copy the rest of the kexts into my EFI from your EFI now that I’m booting without problems?
No, the kext is fine, you added it wrong in the config. Anyway, good its working. You can read up on what to do after the install completed to get started
I've actually turned sleep off - I have the monitor going to sleep just fine but i think beofre I turned HDD sleep off it was causing restarts. I'm a switch a computer off if im not using it kinda guy so no issue for me, altohugh I have just broken my SATA cable so I no longer have my macOS drive working, le sigh, lets see how long it takes to track down a new one..
So quick update.

I swapped out the WiFi card on the board. And I got everything installed into the case for a first test run with the MacOS working and to test air flow and temps of CPU while in case. I went with the NZXT 210 case and the NZXT Kraken Z63 (mainly because it will give instant CPU temp display. And Yes, the Z63 fits into the case perfectly although it is recommended to only go with a 240mm vs the Z63s 280mm.) AIO.

I go to start up system and I get a crash for memory slot 1. Problem is the aio pump. It pushes against the memory so I believe it unseats it just enough to where the system can’t read it. So I am stuck at this point. This board is so tight I’m not sure where or how I can install the kraken pump/display unit. I feel like i may have to take off one of the heat spreaders but not sure which one. :cry:

What do you guys suggest?
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Successfully figured out how to modify cooler for now. I did end up having to leave off one of the thumb nuts to do it tho. I will upload a picture tomorrow I am done for today.

Once I booted into system I was able to connect to internet via wireless so the mentioned WiFi card that you can purchase for MacOS is literally plug and play as described.

I still need to test the Bluetooth portion of the card and will do so tomorrow. I purchased a Bluetooth keyboard that supports MacOS.

I also need to find a program that will allow me to run Windows applications on Mac so I can download the NZXT cam software for the AIO and test temps and set fan curves and get this thing stress tested.
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Nice build, the Kraken is not really necessary though since you can read the CPU Temperature with SMCAMDProcessor kext and app. I'd rather go with a supported one that fits.
Btw, you might be able to set the fan curve on MacOS with https://github.com/jonasmalacofilho/liquidctl
I went with connecting the AIO Fans to the Motherboard and configured the fan curve in the BIOS instead.
Thanks. I will keep these other options in mind while I’m setting the fans. I also went with the kraken because I wanted to try it and if all works I can add a picture or gif of my daughters on the display inside the computers. This is my first aio so I kinda went a little over board on the features and price. I know I probably could have saved myself $140 and just got the x52 but I wanted to test the z63 features.

You may have seen that in my test above some black heat fins as well. Well that is because initially had a Noctua NH15D chrome black edition. I liked the quietness of that unit but very difficult and tricky to install plus very weighted. But based on YouTube recommendations and specs of each of these I went with the best air cooler recommended and now I am trying the best aio recommended for 3900x. I can return still if I don’t like. I am sure there are other options as well.
I can recommend checking the cooler compatibility list for this board: https://www.asrock.com/mb/AMD/X570%20Ph ... CoolerList
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Something I found out analyzing Intel Bluetooth booting issues is that disabling Deep Sleep in S5 seems to help preserving the firmware across shutdowns.
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