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Over the past couple of months I have been working on getting Mojave working on this laptop. It is unique because it is the only laptop with a B450 chipset supporting Ryzen 1+ processors and a Vega56 GPU.
  • Ryzen 2700
    [*[B450 Chipset
  • Vega56
  • 144Hz 17 inch AUO IPS panel
  • DW1560 M.2 card installed for wifi / bluetooth support
  • Samsung 970 Evo 1TB
Not working:
  • Internal LCD displays static when being re-enabled other than from a reboot
  • Sleep instantly wakes
  • Battery status isn't available when using the iMacPro1,1 SMBIOS
  • Internal Microphone when using AppleALC (speakers do work)
  • Internal keyboard isn't always detected when booting, when using VoodooPS2Controller (Rehabman) or VoodooPS2 (acidanthera)
  • Internal Trackpad doesn't have configuration options available in System Preferences
Over all the machine is pretty viable for what I am using it for (Xcode / Android builds) although it appears that running the Android Simulator isn't possible due to lack of Intel HAXM support. I will update this as more things are fixed.


Laptops tend not to be a good choice for macOS on AMD. If you need a laptop I suggest an Intel one and visiting https://insanelymac.com/
Mathieu Puddu wrote: Tue Oct 29, 2019 11:30 am Hello,

I am planning to buy a laptop amd acer predator helios 500. Can you tell me the problems you encounter for this ryzentosh with Mojave or Catalina? Thank you.

Excuse me for my english I speak french.
I have only tried Mojave so far. It works pretty good if you do not care about having sleep mode or full touchpad gesture support and do not care about battery life. Obviously the advantage is with the Vega 56 and 144hz LCD panel it is probably the most smooth UI experience of any hackintosh laptop. I have discovered since my original post that the laptop's PS2 internal keyboard can be reliably detected if you boot up with the machine unplugged.

If you NEED MacOS for a reason (like XCode builds) then you can pretty easily dual boot with Windows and only use MacOS as needed.
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