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So I followed Guide from this site and installed latest available OS version and everything is amazing, super fast but unfortunately it seems that I cant get my mic to work.... Tried kexts, tried all hex layouts in Clover/Devices/Audio but no matter what I doo I always have Audio just need to change source in Settings but no matter what I do Mic is not working :crazy: My MB have R ALC892 from codecs. If anyone knows what to do please tell me cause I have no idea what to do next since this is my first Hackintosh/Ryzentosh :D Here are few photos and honestly as Win user for almost whole my life (except 1 year of macbook pro) I have no Idea is this good or should it be better with my Hardware. Please if you have any advice feel free to tell me since I am reall definition of NOOB :lol: If you need any more info please write me since I want to help you to help me :thumbup:
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Do you have acceleration with this web driver?

Thank you, all working now :)