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Why did i build it? I've recently upgraded to a newer PC - Ryzen 3700x with x570 board system.
My old computer went on the shelf, decided to do something with these parts and put the hack together.

OSX: HS 10.13.6 with the very last security update (updated directly from osx)
Board: Asus Sabertooth R2.0
CPU: FX 9590 Black Edition
COOLER: Big Noctua One not sure what model its the top pne they have
HD type: SSD x1
RAM: DDR3 1600 32GB
GPU: Currently NVIDIA - 1080ti but have 2x970 and 1070ti available on hand..1080ti might be overkill?
Some old Antec PSU 650W
Some Old Antec Case

kexts used:
- AirportBrcmFixup
- AmdCPUMonitor
- AppleALC
- CPUFriend
- FakeSMC
- GeforceSensor
- Lilu
- NullCPUPowerManagement
- NvidiaGraphicsFixup
- VoodooHDA
- WhateverGreen

Its been a trip! took few days, i learned a lot, got kicked out from discord :-) because I said Vanilla guide is Garbage (sorry guys I think it could be better I do have suggestions if someone wants to listen), but kept pushing, didn't give up and made it all work. With that,

What works:

- System is very stable, I didn't overclock the processor, bios is a standard setup, but all the temperature control "helps" are disabled. Even though this processor is known as the "inferno" It keeps at 12 degrees idle, jumps to 25 on light tasksm and around 41 when im doing something that rquires more cpu work. - Although HW monitor jumps around a bit. So I'm not sure if this is working right or not... GPU Idle is st 30 degrees. Performance is questionable as I am not sure about the cpu settings in Clover for .plist and if i need to change anything. (see below #2)

- Imessage, camera (USB Microsoft HD cam) works
- Clover configurator themes work as soon as I unchecked "text only" in clovers GUI section

It's easier to say whats not working actually:

1. Wifi (I assume there is no kext for BCM4366 chip) - please let me know if m wrong

2. This is a weird one to me and maybe i need to set something with Clover here PLEASE LET ME KNOW. CPU is reporting at 4.3 Ghz and Unknown - I am not sure whats that all about its a 4.7 GHZ processor....

3. Lightroom doesnt work (newest version on cloud) other adobe programs work with the command lines i found online - Is there a fix for lightroom?

4. Steam installs but games d not work - ex. CounterStrike ( I read that you need to createe a separate partition and install steam there as steam platform is case sensitive - please correct me if im wrong)

Plans: I am planing on getting different wifi card that is suppoted, and maybe even different gpu from AMD so I can do Catalina when it comes out.

I also wanted to appologize to someone who got offended on discord and banned me, Sorry dude I had a bad day and took it out on discord..
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Why do you have both AppleALC and Voodoo? Did you manage to make AppleALC to work on FX cpu? I have Voodoo problem which is causing AppStore to crash and makes system a bit laggy, did you install an old Voodoo version or made some tweaks?
you're right audiofrom the MOBO doesn't work i didnt realize it as i didnt have speakers connected,
Not only that I tried voodoo kext by itself no dice, then i deleted voodoo and put ALC through clover configurator with some other options and broke the hackintosh now i have to connect the drive to my macbook and get into EFI partition and figure out which extra kext broke it...
You can access your clover EFI from windows using explorer++ and MiniTool Partition Wizard for mounting it to a letter (maybe windows disk panel can mount it too). Remove AppleALC, I was told in discord that it only works for Ryzen.
something is seriously not right now, I can't get it to start the system now, it loads the bootloader from ssd, starts the system load but at at the end of it it crashes (right before it supposed to show the osx login screen)

here are steps i took so far to try to fix it:

- removed some kexts that were there
currently have these - in the kext\other folder


- copied the vanilla config.plist from https://github.com/AMD-OSX/AMD_Vanilla (15/16H) (to clear everything)

still crashes

I also have a question about the drivers folders - long story short I didnt know which folder to use so I copied these efi files in between them Im sure thats not correct but which one shoudl i keep? See screenshot below
Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 12.04.33 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 12.04.33 PM.png (63.66 KiB) Viewed 778 times
housereactor43 wrote:AmdCPUMonitor.kext
I did try one day this plugin for fakesmc in high sierra and it id crash for me. That are mine files from drivers64uefi. There were also SMCHelper-64.efi but I did remove it because I am using VirtualSMC not FakeSMC
Code: Select all
You should keep drivers in drivers64uefi folder if you are booting UEFI.
housereactor43 wrote:it creates (USB):\EFI\CLOVER\drivers and none of the other driver folders..
It is new clover folder system, drivers64UEFI folder is now /drivers/UEFI and driver64 folder is now drivers/BIOS
housereactor43 wrote:Would you be so kind and send me a screenshot from your hackintosh how that does look on your end. From your ssd EFI partition.
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