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CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X
MOBO: MSI B450I Gaming Plus AC
RAM: Samsung 16GB 2666
HDD: 512GB Samsung PM NVMe + 2x Kingston 480GB UV500 SSD
USB : 3.1
GPU: Sapphire Nitro+ RX580 4GB
LAN: Realtek 8111H
Sound: Realtek ALC887
Monitor: LG 32" QHD FreeSync 144Hz

Build Process:
- Basically followed the vanilla guide step by step (thanks to all that worked on it!). I didn't go with the recovery only options for gibmacos, it didn't seem to download the full baseinstall.dmg file
- Used the vanilla config.plist (https://github.com/AMD-OSX/AMD_Vanilla)
- The new Clover apparently uses a different folder structure that was a little confusing. There is no more drivers64UEFI folder. I manually created it on the install USB stick
and it still worked fine.
- For the EFI folder on the install drive, I left the folder structure as is.
- Initially completed the build with a Quadro K5200, the swapped in the RX 580.
- To be honest and surprised, this build was somehow easier and smoother than my last Intel hackintosh (3770K with BioStar TZ77XE).
- Changed SMBIOS to MacPro5.1 to enable the Preview and that stuff to work.
- Sound did not initially work. Changed the ID to 7 and worked.

What's working:
- All the normal basic stuff seems fine
- All benchmarks are on par with what is expected for this CPU
- Sleep/Reboot/Power-off all fine
- I don't use any of the Apple cloud products, so I don't know about iMessages and iCloud, handoff, etc. The app store seems to work fine, let's me log in and download something.
- Front panel and rear USB all seem to be working as expected.

Not working:
- "About this Mac" window shows Unknown CPU
- RX580 OpenCL performance is slow, as reported by many others. There is an ongoing thread looking into correcting the patches (viewtopic.php?f=55&t=8927) - Awesome job by Shanee and everyone else in this community.
- Recently I've noticed that when I put the Hack to sleep, when I wake it, it does not bring up the display. The monitor seems to receive a signal but the stays blank. I have to pull the HDMI cable out of the GPU, then plug it back in for the display to come back. But when the display only goes to sleep after the 15min time out I set, it comes back alive fine when I click the mouse or keyboard.
- Has anyone noticed this issue?
- Although it recognizes the monitor as an LG QHD of some type, max refresh rate available in display preferences is 99.88Hz.
- I'm going to test if setting the refresh rate to a standard value like 60Hz will help with the wake issues, cause I sometimes have issues on my Windows machine too. But that is on a Vega 56 card. Maybe the FreeSync and high refresh rate setting are causing weird glitches.

Kexts in my "other" folder:

Drivers in my "drivers/UEFI/" folder:

I am really happy with this build, much more interesting and exciting that Intel Hackintoshes :-)
This community is also very informative and the vanilla guide was like magic. Thanks all!

Can't wait for the OpenCL patch fix and maybe one day 32-bit app support!
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Awesome !! I am trying to install on my rig Same CPU, MSI X470 Gaming Carbon, 16GB Corsair Vengeance, 256GB Samsung NVME, Sapphire Pulse RX 580 8GB. but am unable to do so. Installer doesn't seem to be the right one at all.
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Mine is sticking on End Randomseed with vanilla Installer.

Changed kexts made the changes as your config. Nothing seems to be doing the trick.
Wich version are you trying to boot? I could not boot 10.14.6 installer, only previous versions.
Alson, have you configured clover for installing on your USB?
I followed these instructions from https://vanilla.amd-osx.com/:
Code: Select all
UEFI Motherboard Settings

Install Clover for UEFI only
Install Clover in ESP
UEFIDrivers: AptioMemoryFix - PartitionDxe - ApfsLoader, don't touch the pre-ticked options
Install RC Scripts on target volume
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