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@manoultiger, @FriedEngineer, Hmmm that's good insight on the wifi card being just an M.2 Key-E slot. Mine is under a metal plate that covers all the built in stuff so I'd have to remove that to see what's really inside. I assumed it was soldered. As of now its not been an issue to have both at all so im not touching it.
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theodorton wrote:Do you know what part of your config made wifi/bluetooth work? I have the same wifi/bt module in my build but I managed to mess up my config and I don’t know how to make it work again.
You're being vague there buddy. I have 2 wifi/bt cards. The Fenvi one works out of the box. Absolutely no changes were made.
hey arn0 ;)
I will buy a x470-i in a few days and I will try.
I already have the DW1560 with me.
But I saw there is a mATX card the x570m pro 4 from as rock without wifi/BT. You need to put a M.2 card and I'm really excited to used this one because of that and I can add a thunderbolt3 card in PCIe ;)
@arn0, how did you managed to get the audio working? ALC 1.4.0 layout 7, i tried but it still didn't work. I'm using X570 Auros Master and audio is the same with your motherboard.

edited: NVM, i got it working, forgot to delete old VoodooHDA kext in S/L/E. :D
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