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Managed to get a successful install last week. Have been playing around trying different things. I am using it alongside Windows which is going to be for gaming.

I used my Nvidia 1070 in a eGPU setup for gaming hooked to my MacBook Pro 2016. I thought to give the Hackintosh a shot and I am aiming to get this system working although I realize a lot of things aren't gonna work right away. I intend to replace the Nvidia 1070 with the RX 5800X (Edit: Actually meant RX 5700 XT). I've read rumors that Apple is going to support the next gen AMD GPUs with the release of Catalina. Currently there is nothing that specifically indicates that in the betas. It remains to be seen. I'm patient. Here is some info on that: https://appleinsider.com/articles/19/06 ... alina-beta

I followed the vanilla guide here: https://vanilla.amd-osx.com/

What works
  • Native Audio
  • Bluetooth
  • Wifi
  • AirDrop
  • Handoff
  • USB2.0 and USB3.1
  • Ethernet
  • NVMe (both slots)
  • Mic (Blue Snowball)
  • Headphones (front and back panel)
What does not work
  • Second monitor (due to lack of Nvidia driver)
  • Hardware Acceleration (I get 1080p but the UI is sluggish at times)
  • Sleep
  • Lilu
  • NullCPUPowerManagement
  • SmallTreeIntel82576 (patched)
  • VirtualSMC
  • AppleALC (version 1.4.0, layout 7)
  • WhateverGreen
Other fixes Drivers

Overall I am very happy with the results. I was actually expecting much worse.

Here is my CPU benchmark: https://browser.geekbench.com/v4/cpu/13921532

Those scores keep me going.

You can find more details on my hardware in my signature

EDIT 1: Got a Broadcom BCM94360 (Fenvi FV-T919) and wifi and bluetooth is now working natively. That means Airdrop and Handoff are 100% working.
EDIT 2: Audio now working natively using AppleALC 1.4.0, layout 7
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do you thing the DW1560 can work with an AMD hackintosh.
I saw zero build with this card and it works like a charm with an intel CPU on a strix Z390 I

regards ;)
amdpush wrote: Thu Jul 18, 2019 2:06 am nice. details on the ram ?
https://www.microcenter.com/product/607 ... er][b]Post Merged[/b]
Mkooner wrote: Thu Jul 18, 2019 5:25 am Hey, I have a similar board and same cpu as you. Could you provide me your clover EFI folder?
I can't do that. Just attached my stripped config.plist however.
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manoueltiger wrote: Thu Jul 18, 2019 5:40 pm Hi!
do you thing the DW1560 can work with an AMD hackintosh.
I saw zero build with this card and it works like a charm with an intel CPU on a strix Z390 I

regards ;)
I don't know. A friend of mine that just made a fully functional Intel based Hackintosh bought this: https://www.newegg.com/amp/fenvi-fv-t91 ... 00JK-00033

I intend to do the same. And generally speaking, your NIC and CPU type have no relation to each other. As long as the NIC you want works 100% on macOS then get it.
Yeah exactly...
I think it's really important for all of us to have wifi working OOB...
The problem is nobody's talking about wifi in the success build on this forum and this is a problem :/

So You want to use the Fenvi in PCI-e, is it impossible to use a miniITX with an AMD you think ? :)
Someone put the broadcom card of the fenvi in an adapter directly in the M2 B or M and it works like a charm on a Z390 if I remember.

I would like to try this with an AMD build ;)
@manoueltiger, You could try that. You can use any board that is known to have either full support or some level of support for macOS. I cannot recommend you one since I don't know your situation.

To cut to the chase here since you seem to be looking around for features that are supported and hardware... Everything is able to work. I mean everything. You just need the right hardware, kernel patches, kexts and drivers. Some of us that don't have completely 100% working builds are missing one or more of those things I mentioned. Look at a success story here in this forum and pick the same hardware, especially if you are not tech savvy. A lot of builds i've seen here have working wifi. You also need to realize that certain hardware like RAM, NIC, GPU etc. are CPU and MOBO agnostic. They will either have support through some kext or not. That's what you need to find out and confirm if you need to make a custom build. I cannot recommend anything because I don't have extensive experience with different boards. All I know is that Gigabyte and ASUS make for good MOBO contenders and that differences in board models within those brands sometimes are not well supported. Size of the board does not matter. macOS is not measuring your board size nor is AMD. If it has an AM4 socket it will work. What might not work right away is what sits on that AM4 socket aka CPU.
Ok thanks arn0 ! :thumbup:
I'm going to take a 3600X or a 3700X with the asus strix B450-I or the asrock one (I don't know yet... the IO behind is better with asrock) and a RX580.

You don't have problems with you gpu ?
I saw some weird report about gpu low performance, I'm going to use my hack for blender, adobe etc...
not gaming
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