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I used a Chinese tutorial made by LINGXI based on XLNC\Foxlet\Shaneee's guild (link: https://www.c4dlx.com/thread-654-1-1.html)

Here is my build
GPU: Sapphire RX570
Motherboard: MSI B450 MORTAR
RAM: Galaxy Gamer II 3000Mhz
SSD: Intel 760p 256Gb

Working: ethernet , USB ports, graphic card.
Not working: Automatic shutdown, Audio.

PS: I have a unsolved problem with Steam. It crash every time I launch it.



----------English is generated by translation
Hello! Look, your flag is China (me too! ), just use Chinese! We're using the same mirror lingxi! What did you do with your usb?! My voice is normal, driven by a universal sound card! Voodoohda.kext my configuration, 2600x, msib450mortar, CPU sapphire rx570, is basically the same as yours!
SSD Very slow

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