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Brilliant guide, finally downloaded HIghSierraAMD V3 today as GDrive was busy.

System is
AMD Ryzen 5 2600
X470 chipset MSI Gaming Pro mobo
3200Mhz GSkill 16GB
GTX 1080 Ti 11GB
Razer DeathStalker keyboard
SteelSeries Rival 700 Mouse
Realtek Sound on 5.1 Creative...

Audio comes up as 5.1.

It shall be used in Final Cut Pro... :)
Don't want to boot without USB as Windows runs off NVMe...

From the kindness of my heart I allocated an entire sata SSD for MacOS.

Geekbench scores: 4588 single core / 20992 multicore
This must be that the CPU is stuck on 3.4Ghz. Will update once I OC it in BIOS, for the fsake of it!

In windows 10 CPU intensive AC Odyssey for example pushes CPU to 5.1Ghz (as shown by CPUID HWMonitor)... I can't be bothered to overclock this as it is doing it on its own, when needed, on 'AMD Ryzen balanced' power plan. Suck it Intel... idiot price tag!

Must say, almost plug and play...the HighSierraAMD on this motherboard! All USB ports, only had to change mouse USB.
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XMas Tree will get an Apple logo on top!
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Any idea / fix to the coming back from sleep to black screen? :) Don't mind, just wondering if I'm missing something. :)
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Hey we have a similar system, i have ryzen 2600 +msi b450 carbon pro ac board with rx 580 sapphire sp edition. samsung evo 960 nvme (windows) + samsung evo ssd (planned to install mac os) and a 2 TB hdd
Does dual booting without any problems ?
Are you running HIGHSIERRAAMD V3 UNOFFICIAL v 10.13.3 did you try updating to 10.13.6 ?
Does rendering on Adobe apps work and are render times comparable to that on windows with same system.
Do Final Cut Pro and Other mac apps take too much time to render or process?
Did you try any games , do they work or there are graphical glitches ?
I will try the fix for the black screen upon waking up from sleep. Dual boot is fine.

sudo trimforce enable does not seem to work. It says enabled but upon next reboot, TRIM is not active... this is a problem.

I tried installing Adobe Photoshop but doesn't start... at all. Just a splash screen - initializing then disappears.
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