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[success] HS 10.13.3, XLNC 2.5,Ryzen 1700X,Gigabyte AB 350n,BCM94360CS2,RX580 8GB Asus,960 Pro

I cant add it do success thread so sorry for miss add

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[b]Music Production Pospik Set[/b]
PSU: Silverstone 800W SFXl
CPU: Amd Ryzen 1700x ( 3,4 No OC)
MB: Gigabyte AB 350n + BCM94360CS2 ( Ebay) / /( I  want upgrade it to ROG STRIX B450-I )
RAM :Corsair 3200hmz 32gb 2x16GB
GPU: Asus Strix 8gb RX580
HDD: Barracuda 4 TB (1,5TB exFat windows Data / 2,5TB exFat Back up for Time maschine)
SSHD: Firecuda  2 TB ( exFat  Data for OsX )
NVME : Samsung 960 Pro 512 GB boot drive ( 512MB free for kernel, Rest  Xzen boot device) 
SSD: Crucial 500 GB - windows ( game and if osx need reinstall :D or I. wrong tweaked it )
Kernel: 2.0.0, Shaneee92  
What works now ?
* Wifi and BT ( must buy Thishttps://www.ebay.com/itm/BCM94360CS2-Ca ... 1512537270 For This https://www.ebay.com/itm/Apple-Macbook- ... d493a99e9
* USB audio Device ( Komplete AUDIO 6 Native instruments ) ( Native USB fix viewtopic.php?t=4736)

What is not working ?
*One of Two USBs, mouse / keyboard (first works, second not)
* Other things wasnt find yet, Im expecting all is ok.
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CPU Bech : https://browser.geekbench.com/v4/cpu/10904814 SC4344 MC25492
GPU Bech : 1534cb

I want to use this computer for music production and streaming music live, cutting video and making simply graphic design.
I want to say big Thanks to XLNC and Algrey and Shaneey who helped me on Discord a lot, also others there Thank you Guys.

Instalation :
https://pospik2705.rajce.idnes.cz/ZenOs ... roduction/
*Reset and update to lastest Bios
* install windows ( I formated other disk in Windows on exFAT for see it in windows and osx aswell )
* set up the bios for uefi osx installation
*use usb 3.0
* boot usb - disk utility - 4TB disk resize for Time Maschine, osx extended journaled/MAP GUID
*instal - Post installation - Boot with ssd osx - finish setting os
*instal clover

Then i have a problem after few installation of some apps with OsxAptioFixDrv Error so I boot via USB installer and replaced filles same like here https://nickwoodhams.com/x99-hackintosh ... or-update/ with OsxAptioFix2Drv-free2000.efi
Everything has goes ok but i started has a problem with my USB audio device komplete 6.
So a turn the AptioFixDrv back and untill now i dont have a problem with kernel booting ( but i updated it after , keep reading..)
after tur it back i had a problem with the usb audio, it worked properly just in one 3,1 usb conector
So Algrey helped me
Post Merged
*Do must apply USB native fix viewtopic.php?f=24&t=4736
*Update the Kernel https://github.com/Shaneee92/AMD-High-S ... /tag/2.0.0

*Algrey said me i should check in config.plist - Device - HighCurrent.
But i think after that my GPU didnt work. properly i saw some glitches when i move windows in osx and external fans didnt work on it also. So I uncheck HighCurrent after that.
*Also set the bus ratiot in boot to 34 and C6 checked.

And Thats it.

For those who thing it is easy to install osx on amd :D, it is ,but you have to have a good confidence and be a little bit crazy because i spend a half year to make my system ALMOST stable.
Im saying almost because you will never know what it can happend.
If you cant find a solution after 12hours of searching and asking guys. just f*ck it and pour yourself glass of wine or something because next day you will wake up and somebody will aswer to you or you will have a luck and you will find a solution or inspiration on internet / youtube.
Thats way i writing this , because sharing really matter. And I will never be a guy who will write a kernel or some programs . I just want make music.
So thank you, again
Hope I help

A day later ...
I started has a problem with the GPU some times , time after time , or after few hours later , Graphic get Freez ... and i had to restart system.
what happend ?
Algrey helped me a lot. So What can i say what happend :
* upgrade Kernel for your system,
*made Usb native fix
*made Audio native fix
*deleted useless kext file in clover folder .

Now everything works like charm ! All USBs , GPU is stable ... Thank you Algrey !

So everybody who need help and have same or similar HW just look at my screen shots. v

https://pospik2705.rajce.idnes.cz/ZenOs ... roduction/


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