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by: Marcyvee
So, there's not a Vega 11 driver yet, and we still need a dedicated gpu, right?


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by: Shaneee
Marcyvee wrote:So, there's not a Vega 11 driver yet, and we still need a dedicated gpu, right?
Yes that's correct. It'll load on it but no acceleration.
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by: sam298
Hi Shaneee, after 10.13.3 update my usb 3.0 ports stopped working and my usb 2.0 ports are working at usb 1.1 speed. I flashed back 10.13.2 but have the same issue. If I keep the stock kexts, I see usb info in the system info. If I flash your usb fix, I don't see anything under usb info but same results - usb 2.0 working at usb 1 speed and usb 3 not recognized. Anything else I have to do other than installing those 5 kexts in S/L/E?
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by: fancyIX
Did you do anything special to make your CPU recognized? My threadripper is recognized as "Unknown CPU".
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by: Marcyvee
There is a tutorial on this site for change the displayed name
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by: jOscar_py
pepitillo wrote: Sat Oct 08, 2016 11:21 am Hello Shane.
I'd like to ask you how did you do to have sleep working in your machine.
I have also a OEM PC very similar with yours (same chipset and processor) which works very well. I could sleep and wake with mavericks and with some kernels in yosemite, but with el capitan it sleeps but doesn't wake properly.
a trick, My OS X Yosemite, sleeps and does not wake up when the Num Lock light is on and off, the Num Lock light is activated when you start the machine, press Caps Lock twice and turn off Num Lock light, then send to sleep, the machine and is reactivated without problem with the keyboard or mouse.
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by: E elle
hey, my build is pretty much the exact same as yours but my GPU is a 1050ti, but for some reason I can't boot properly, it simply doesn't work, my processor and graphics card don't recognise HELP PLEASEE!!
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by: jandkvj
Hi Shane, is it possible to have dual monitor with one HDMI and DVI ? Thanks
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