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Dear all

Success with installing Catalina and High Sierra. Used the OpenCore Vanilla guide.
Hardware is blazingly fast, single core score is 1300, which is faster than most iMacs and MacPros money can buy.
MultiCore Score is 12397.

G.Skill 3600 64GB RAM had to be replaced with Kingston. G.Skill did not work in the motherboard when 4 modules were installed - it became unstable.

Things I still need to fix:

- Access to iServices and AppStore
- Thunderbolt 3 (if possible)
- Onboard audio (think this is relatively easy - just need to find the right protocol number)

I also need to install a FireWire 400/800 PCIe card to get connectivity for the Universal Audio Apollo interface.

I'll update this thread with progress.

Thanks to all, especially @Rasmus on Discord for helping me out.
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Hi all.

I added the StarTech.Com 3 Port 1394 PCI Express card. I have nothing to test it with yet, since I do not have any FireWire equipment. But my friend drives by tomorrow with 2 devices, an RME Audio/Midi interface, and a Universal Audio Sound card 19" Rack.

The setup looks like this:

The FW card looks like this box:

In the System report I get that FireWire is 800 Mbps. I think this shows all good. Will be tested with high speed audio tomorrow in Logic X
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Hmmm posting images is to hard for me!!! :-D

Hi everyone. Just a short updated video. I can hardly believe it is running smoothly, but it is!


My friend who is a musician was here yesterday testing it out. It runs fast, smooth and with a Universal Audio interface it sounds magnificent. Big Ups to all in the community and thanks a lot for the help. Will do my best to support with what I can :-)
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I have pretty much the same setup but am having the hardest time getting High Sierra installed. Would you mind posting your EFI folder?

Also have you tried the thunderbolt driver from the AMD_OC_RYZEN master build repository?
Still curious how you got High Sierra installed. Every time I try I get to the install screen and can't move the mouse or access the keyboard. Would you mind sharing your EFI folder?
Hi Winterwolf

Do you use standard USB keyboard and mouse?
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...and sorry for long response time - been busy :-)
Yes. I have an Apple USB Magic Keyboard and a logitech mouse. I've tried a few different ports and keyboards. Going to try again today with a different EFI.
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