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After almost a month of trying, finally able to boot into the installer and do a fresh install with OpenCore.

Followed the OpenCore Vanilla Guide with the following tweaks.


Updated UEFI to 5.10 (Hints from https://aplus.rs/2020/opencore-first-steps/)

  • Advanced
    • CPU configuration
      • SVM Mode: Disabled
    • ACPI configuration
      • PCIE Devices Power On: Enabled
    • Trusted Computing
      • Security Device Support: Disabled
    • AMD PBS
      • PCIE x16 Switch: Gen2
      • Promontory PCIe Switch: Gen2
      • Unused GPP Clocks Off: Enabled
      • Clock Power Management (CLKREQ#): Enabled
  • Security
    • Secure Boot
      • Secure Boot: Disabled
  • Boot
    • Full Screen Logo: Disabled
    • Fast Boot: Disabled
    • CSM
      • CSM: Disabled
      • Above 4G Decoding: Enabled

Generate the following with SSDTTime (don't forget to add SSDT-HPET patches to your config)
  • SSDT-EC.aml
  • SSDT-HPET.aml


Followed config as per the guide, with the exception of setting UEFI>Quirks>ReleaseUsbOwnership to Yes/True.


Congrats tinyj! Nothing like the taste of success after chipping away for a month, right!

Question for you: it caught my eye when you said:
... finally able to boot into the installer and do a fresh install with OpenCore.
I think I might be having the same issue with my X570 ASRock mobo where the OC boot loader will only give me the option to reset the NVRAM, reboot and repeat. If that is the issue you were having what was the final solution (if not all the changes you stated above)?

My detailed write up for my thus far dismal failure is here: [FAILED] X570 Taichi, 3950X, Radeon Vega 64 OC 0.5.5 Install
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