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Hello everyone,

I've tried hackintosh in laptops so far, I've managed to get it up and running on several Samsung and Asus laptops back in the day, there were some compabilitiy issues though. Now I'm in the verge of buying a new desktop, focused on software development primarily. I've searched success stories section for 3700X + B450 Tomahawk Max combo but couldn't find anything. Can you give general information about following parts, compability between each part and possible problems that I face ?

Also I've stumbled upon some people saying "Hackintosh does not love MSI mobos." what do you think about this ? Should I go for X570 ? If so, Asus X570 Prime Pro is the best bang for the buck considering VRM quality. It's B450 Tomahawk Max of the X570 series.

CPU: 3700X,
Mobo: MSI Tomahawk Max B450,
GPU: Sapphire RX 5700 XT Nitro+,
RAM: Corsair RGB Pro 3200 Mhz CL16 8 GB * 2
SSD: Samsung 970 Evo Plus 500 GB (or I can use 850 Evo 500 GB 2.5' SSD)

Thank you.


MSI boards work fine. Your current setup you've shared there will work fine though.
Well thank you :thumbup:

As soon as I buy the parts, will ty to install Catalina and upload my EFI file here.
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I bought all the parts. Except I bought Asus X570 Prime Pro for mobo. Followed AMD Vanilla Guide and make it work in the first try with OpenCore 0.5.6. Everthing works except my TPLink T2U Plus wifi adapter.
Even though I installed the official driver from TPLink's site, it can connect to wifi but extremely slow. Havent had any issue in Ubuntu 20.04 and Windows 10 so we can rule out adapter's hardware problem and my router's possible problems, because it's still very slow when connect to a mobile hotspot. Should I create another topic ?
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