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Help with AMD OS X after installation.
There's no fix for it on El Capitan. Your system is compatible with Sierra though.


I'm guessing this issue is still ongoing? I get this exact thing on 10.12.5 on mine.. I wasn't thinking this was a CPU problem but a graphics driver issue.. but I have no clue.

I was told it was related to vmware tools but I know that's not the case since I was seeing this even before installing vmware tools, and I don't think vmware is involved in this ...
If you are using vmware, go to
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and down load el capitan file. Create new vmware using new vmdk file. The video is for intel based system but vmdk works on amd. I have amd A8 7600. Works great. But you have to edit newly created vmx file file first, before you log in with your apple id. Make sure to change board id reflect host TRUE to FALSE on vmx. Good luck. I hope it works.

smc.version = "0"
featureCompat.enable = "FALSE"

board-id = "Mac-8ED6AF5B48C039E1"
hw.model.reflectHost = "FALSE"
hw.model = "MacBookPro6,2"
serialNumber.reflectHost = "FALSE"
serialNumber = "W88460PP1AX"
smbios.reflectHost = "FALSE"
efi.nvram.var.ROM.reflectHost = "FALSE"
efi.nvram.var.MLB.reflectHost = "FALSE"
efi.nvram.var.ROM = "3c0754a2f9be"
efi.nvram.var.MLB = "C0720270FQVDKP2AT"
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