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Help with AMD OS X after installation.
me just say this form is the best form. You guys respond as soon as I leave a message and it’s really nice thank you for that. I need some help right now. I updated my hackintosh and I didn’t save my prelinked kernel so therefore I can’t boot I keep getting stuck because my hackintosh keeps trying to rebuild the prelinked kernel. Someone please help me I am learning a lot about this but I am a newbie and I would really love some help. If you can help me I would greatly appreciate it.
And Phenom ii x4 925
Gtx 550ti
Asus a87m
•I have acess to a windows pc
•I have a bootable usb
• everything was working fine before automatic update


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by: AlGrey
What was the update ? What error do you get ?
AlGrey wrote:What was the update ? What error do you get ?
thanks for the response! I fixed the issue by rebuilding the kernel in a vm and copied it to a usb and put it in my mac folder with transmac. Ill mark it as answered!
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