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by: TonnyG95
Hey guys!

I need help with AMD R7 360 2GB i buy this card and i install os x el capitan but my graphics not working,I watch on the internet how to fix it and i find one solution,AMD8000Controler.kext will fix it and i tried but not working can anyone help me with this problem i am new to hackintosh and i don't know a lot about hackintosh so can anyone upload me kext or anything what will work for this graphics card.Thanks

Take care guys :)


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by: Shaneee
Try this kext. Also what are your full specs.
(2.35 KiB) Downloaded 63 times
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by: TonnyG95
still not working :(
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by: Shaneee
You've got an Intel CPU... :shock:

You don't need to edit any kexts. With Clover you can set a FakeID to enable that card. Check out InsanelyMac for some more info.
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by: TonnyG95
i tride 3 id-s and nothing :(

i really don't know what to do i open topic on tonymacx86,insanelymac,osx86 and hackintosh-zone and i still did not fix my problem :(
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by: Shaneee
This forum focuses on AMD CPUs..

Anyway try this ID in a FakeID with Clover, 0x665C1002
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by: Derik Calixto
Shaneee wrote: Sat Sep 03, 2016 7:33 pm Try this kext. Also what are your full specs.

Work's on AMD A10 CPU with R7360?

I'm new on Hackintosh and i having problems to enable my GPU.

Here is my specs:
GA-F2A88X-D3HP REV 1.0
8GB RAM Kingston
AMD A10 7860k
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by: pdevonie
Currently, I can make my R7 360 video card run smoothly in the Sierra, I put the fake id 0x665C1002, and it always recognizes as an AMD Radeon 7790, but in the High Sierra, it does not recognize, at least when putting the fake id, it enters the mac, when it is arriving at the end of loading, it darkens the screen and starts to flash, it stays like this, follow the link posted by me: https://youtu.be/SatXtiU0Um0
If you can help me solve this problem, I would be very grateful.
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