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by: javasweg
hey, i was having a kernel opcode error thing last night using shaneee's dmg of the el cap installer. so i decided i would manually follow his tutorial with a copy of the os x installer app. i am using the latest kernel and system.kext. i was having a strange usb looping error, so i have installed his USB fix that is found on this forum. i followed everything in the tutorial correctly. here is a pic of my kernel panic, my specs can be found on my signature :)

please note: i have already tried -x and without -x.
i will test UseKernelCache=No and reply to the thread if it works or still the same.

-x UseKernelCache=No still same kernel panic
any help will be appreciated thanks guys
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Delete the prelinkedkernel file located in /System/Library/PrelinkedKernels then run this command in terminal assuming the USB is name OS X Base System,
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sudo kextcache -u /Volumes/"OS X Base System"
Now boot with just -v
im currently re making my usb shaneee. it seems, every time i get a kernel panic or similar, the drive becomes "read only" on osx and i get a warning to say that i need to format it to use it in my os x. what should i do? how could i like back up the whole usb drive so if it becomes unusable again i can just format it and then restore it back to its first working state? carbon copy cloner?

anyway, ill try that now @Shaneee
You're not the first to say about it becoming read only. The only common thing is Niresh so I'm sure that's whats at fault. Always be sure to rebuild the prelinkedkernel after installing a new kernel or any kexts to S/L/E
thanks a lot mate ill be soon done and will check how it goes
okay shaneee. thanks for that im finally getting somewhere i suppose. right now i got to here, Still waiting for root device.
heres a pic
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hahahahaha its upside down i dont know why my camera is so ******, ill take a new one if u need me to
hey shaneee again, im not sure if this is normal? i booted up using npci=0x2000 as thats what i used to boot into yosemite with. i have got to the install screen! i will fill you in as soon as possible but right now graphics seems to be working? it booted right into 1920x1080 and mouse movement seems to be smooth. however installer is only seeming to be very laggy but ill just see how it goes :) thanks for all the help so far shaneee really appreciate it mate
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by: Shaneee
Please use the edit button rather than posting multiple messages in a row. It keeps the forum tidy.

Install should go smooth from here. Remember to follow this, viewtopic.php?f=24&t=80
will do next time haha

please check your pm ive been stuck on 16mins remaining for about half hour haha
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