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Where is the usb3 kext for this mobo? Generic? I know I made it work at one stage of ts. Restart stucks system. Thanks.


Kext Wizard not given locations, Im usin EasyKext Pro, is that ok? But I did the USBFix 3 already and no detection at those ports.
As long as the kexts are copied yes. Unless you've rebuilt the prelinkedkernel then the kexts won't be loaded. Boot without the caches in Clover or rebuild the prelinkedkernel.
Easykext stuck at rebuilding prelinked kernel. I have no idea where is caches option in clover, ill do my best maestro.
Simple way is to navigate to /System/Library/Caches and delete the folder named com.apple.kext.caches

Now go to /System/Library/PrelinkedKernels and delete the file prelinkedkernel

Then in terminal run this,
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sudo kextcache -u /
I did the command in terminal, then I tried to install usb audio driver then a message showing DirectHW incompatible with this OS X, then reboot by itself, then Error loading kernel cache and the whole thing freezes. My fault I gues for installing some audio drivers for wrong os version. Time to restore to working 10.11.5. at witch point I had almost everythig workin including shutdown and restarting, except for usb3.
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If you can still access the drive from say another version of OS X just remove the kexts that were installed and run the command in terminal again after removing the prelinkedkernel.

Repalce Your HDD with the name of the El Capitan drive in question,
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sudo kextcache -u /Volumes/"Your HDD"
Maybe Paragon is faster restoring than me typing in terminal. But thanks for helpin me out.
I restored and this happened when installing wifi printer driver .
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