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by: jorzef
Hello I'm new here, I've been trying to install el capitan on my desktop with the following specs:
MB - MSI 970 Gaming
GPU - Asus Nvidia GTX 960

I've made the bootable USB following Shaneee's instruction video and applied the Usb fix v3 using the instructions from the post. It boots into the installer fine but i got no mouse or keyboard.
The mouse is a USB mouse, the keyboard is PS2.
I've used the usbbusfix flag too

Any suggestions?


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by: Shaneee
For PS2 devices you'll need the attached kexts. Do you have a PS2 mouse you could use for the install and initial setup?
(175.74 KiB) Downloaded 31 times
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by: jorzef
Thanks for the response, no unfornately i dont, i installed those kexts too i forgot to mention.
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by: Shaneee
Did you try the kexts I uploaded though? They haven't been downloaded yet...

Try your mouse in all available USB ports. One of them may work.
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by: Du'Islingr
I cant get my keyboard to function with the ps2 files you uploaded. I repaired permissions on them and are in the extra/extensions where you placed all the others in your usb image. In the efi partition.

Edit: Used rehabmans voodoops2 and removed your files and works fine now.
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