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Shaneee wrote:
HugoCBR wrote:The image i have is "OS X El Capitan for intel pcs.raw", i guess i'll have to download another imagem, right?
Yeah best to use the app from the App Store. Take a look here, viewtopic.php?f=24&t=20

Then here, viewtopic.php?f=24&t=80
Right now my internet connection is kinda limited, what image can i use both to install in VM and to make the Hackintosh, so i don't have to download two differents?


That is currently the best way. You may be able to use the image of El Capitan you have but I don't know what it consists of.
I gave up because of the slow connection problem, but someone in the BR Hackintosh group told me to turn on Inject ATI on Clover. I thought i did turned it on, then i tried to boot and the Apple logo appeared but no sucess to get on install screen, so i restarted to try -v, but i realized that i turned on Injection EDID, not Inject ATI, but it "worked" someway. But when i tried again the logo doesn't appeared anymore. There is some trick to make it appear again using this Inject options?

*sorry for my terrible english
Have you replaced the kernel on the image with the AMD one? Always boot in verbose so you can spot any errors.
Yes i changed the kernel. That's the problem, the Apple logo don't show up (the logo means your graphics are working and the next thing to show is installation screen, right?), so using verbose don't make any diference. I only see a black screen with a underscore on the corner
Ahh I understand now. That's an issue Clover has with some AMD CPUs just now. Unfortunately there isn't a fix for it. The only option is to use Enoch.
I will have to use the Hack in the VM to make the USB Flash drive bootable anyway? I can't download large files, so i found this, i think might help
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I don't recommend using a distro to install. You can try this iso of Enoch to install,
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