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by: Du'Islingr
Yeah. No matter what I do it stops at the line I mentioned above. I unplugged all my hdds, swapped out my 380X with my GTX 560, removed my overclock, the various bootargs,remaking the installer again from scratch, it will not go past that line. I don't know what else to do. I think I am just gonna wait for the pre made el capitan vm shaneee is working on at this point. Maybe I will have better luck with Sierra(doubtful) :p


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by: Shaneee
You could try Yosemite. The process is almost identical but with the correct Kernel.
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by: Du'Islingr
Shaneee wrote:You could try Yosemite. The process is almost identical but with the correct Kernel.
Yosemite is useless to me. I need the latest XCode and that only installs on el capitan.
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by: Shaneee
Ok try this. I've used this in the past to sort that error. No guarantee it will work but worth the try. Copy then to the Packages folder replacing the ones that are there.
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by: Du'Islingr
I made a fresh install following everything Valkiry said and added ur Fix files to packages. and now its slightly different this time.

hfs: set LowDisk: vol :untitled, freeblks:19, warningLimit:24
hfs: set VeryLowDisk: vol:untitled, freeblks:0, dangerLimit:12
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by: Shaneee
It get's stuck there? It should only hang at that for a bit. Give it time and if it doesn't progress take a picture of the screen and upload it.
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by: Du'Islingr
Yes it gets stuck there. You can look at the previous screen of it I posted originally. I did let the pc sit for a few hours and was still there. Everything else is the same except the the addition of the set LowDisk line above the VeryLowDisk.

Original screenshot here.
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by: Shaneee
Try using the new kernel. I've just uploaded it to the downloads page. The FX bug is still present but it's built on newer sources and should work better.
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by: Du'Islingr
If its the same as the one I saw you post on insanelymac yesterday or so, then I already tried it. still freezes in the same place and again let it sit for a while and still didn't progress. Also I will note that with the newer kernel it goes back to VeryLowDisk only and the other line does not appear. so basically exactly the same as the original screenshot.
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by: evy0311
Shaneee, I have a question. Is there anyway i can install this new kernel, but temporarily? Like, if it doesnt work, rather than it breaking my install, is there any way to test it before I actually set it permanent?
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