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by: x-9er
Yet another no mouse in installer problem. Using Shanee's USB fix illustrated here, and have tried booting with USBBusFix=Yes to no avail. Have tried every USB port including the ones on the keyboard itself (the keyboard works fine, but it seems impossible to use Disk Utility in El Capitan install without a mouse).

USB fix was necessary to even get to installer (had repeating USBSBS or whatever messages.)

Athlon II X2 245 on GA-78LMT-USB3. Also using nv_disable=1.


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by: Shaneee
Did you rebuild the prelinkedkernel after installing the fix?

Remove the file from the USB drive,

And run the following command,
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sudo kextcache -u /Volumes/"OS X Base System"
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by: x-9er
That doesn't work, owing to all manner of "incorrect permissions" — though this is newly-created installer that has had permissions fixed in Kext Wizard. (If it matters, I am running the command/building the install USB on a Yosemite computer.)
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by: Shaneee
What incorrect permissions do you mean? I've ran this command from Yosemite and El Capitan to a USB drive.
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by: x-9er
A flood of stuff like this:
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IOUSBHostHIDDevice.kext has incorrect permissions; omitting.
AppleUSBXHCI.kext has incorrect permissions; omitting.
AppleUSBUHCIPCI.kext has incorrect permissions; omitting.
AppleUSBUHCI.kext has incorrect permissions; omitting.
AppleUSBOHCIPCI.kext has incorrect permissions; omitting.
AppleUSBOHCI.kext has incorrect permissions; omitting.
AppleUSBHub.kext has incorrect permissions; omitting.
AppleUSBHostMergeProperties.kext has incorrect permissions; omitting.
AppleUSBHostCompositeDevice.kext has incorrect permissions; omitting.
Can't use IOUSBHostFamily.kext - not linked.
Prelink failed for com.apple.iokit.IOUSBFamily; omitting from prelinked kernel.
Can't use IOUSBFamily.kext - not linked.
Prelink failed for com.apple.iokit.IOUSBMassStorageClass; omitting from prelinked kernel.
Can't use AppleUSBHostMergeProperties.kext - not linked.
Prelink failed for com.apple.iokit.IOUSBUserClient; aborting prelink.
Failed to generate prelinked kernel.
Child process /usr/sbin/kextcache[30626] exited with status 71.
Anyway, I got the mouse working by installing the full USB-Fix_El_Capitan_V3.
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by: Shaneee
Glad you got it working then :thumbup:
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by: x-9er
Thank you for all your work! Amazingly I had to turn to AMD after all attempts to install any OS X on my actually-Intel-Core Optiplex 960 failed.
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by: x-9er
Well, that didn't last long. Upon booting and getting past the network setup screen, I get this:
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Process mds_stores [166] disabling system-wide I/o throttling
Process mds_stores [166] disabling system-wide CPU throttling
Failed to send exception EXC_CORPSE_NOTIFY, error code: 5 for pid 232
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by: x-9er
Followup: I got past it by indicating "my computer does not connect to the internet." So an Ethernet kext issue, then.
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by: Shaneee
What is your ethernet controller?
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