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by: FabianZettl
Hey there,

thanks for all the Guides and files.

I installed El Capitan clean(!) on a second drive and got everything working (Ethernet and Sound).
But I can't get my USB Mouse to work. tried every USB Port, USB Fix V3 and Shaneees USB fix...

it worked one time, but after reboot it didn't work.

Any solutions? :)

Thank you!


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by: Shaneee
When you installed the USB Fixes did you repair the caches or boot with UseKernelCache=No ?
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by: FabianZettl
I forgot to repair caches, right, thank you.

But next problem, USB Speed is very slow.
USB Sticks or external Drives are not recognized?
My Bluetooth Dongle and Logitech Unifying Receiver works flawless..

Mainboard is: GA-78LMT-USB3
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by: Shaneee
Which USB Fix is this with? Try the other one and remember to rebuild the caches ;)
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by: FabianZettl
Ive got working Mouse and Bluetooth dongle etc with your USB Fix.

With USB Fix v3 from insanelymac nothing works except Keyboard, also no dongle or receiver. (caches rebuild ;) )
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by: Shaneee
Ok and with my USB Fix no external drives are detected? Try with the bootflag USBBusFix=Yes
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by: FabianZettl
Right, even printer and plotter are working but no USB Drive or external HDD.

USBBusFix=Yes didn't help..

my boot flags atm:

<key>Kernel Flags</key>
<string>-v -f npci=0x3000</string>
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by: Shaneee
Ok and they don't work in either USB2 or USB3? You may need to extract and edit your DSDT to enable all your ports. You can find more information about that here,
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