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Thanks! I will try it later. One more question, I have Windows 7 and El Capitan installed on 2 different HDD. How do I boot Windows 7 if I select El Capitan HDD as bootup disk? I have Enoch installed on El Capitan HDD but can't boot Windows 7 from El Capitan HDD


Just enter your BIOS boot selector at startup. For example my PC if i press ESC at startup I can choose which HDD to boot from first.
That's what I do to select HDD booting from now. Just wonder if there's a easy way to do without having to enter into BIOS.

Also, I am having problem using iTines. Can't play some video in iTunes, it just paused when I click on it. Also QuickTime player doesn't show the main screen but I can see the menu bar only on top.
Are your graphics fully supported? Normally that causes some issues with iTunes ect.
Graphic is ok in El Capitan, it says AMD Radeon HD 7xxx 2048 MB. Also, El Capitan starting to get error with some cl_kernels message now. I trying to use he USB drive that created my previous version of El Capitan 10.11. However, now I get essentials.pkg error when 13 mins remaining. So, I am stuck at El Capitan 10.11.4 that iTunes error when I try to import movie, songs everything and occasional cl_kernels error.
Just looked back at the first post and I see you have a FX CPU. This will be the reason. Unfortunately there is no fix just now until we can fix the kernel as this is where the issue lies.
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