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uridi0t try using USB 2.0 only. My installer also seems to stop at 16 mins remaining but the timer just isn't keeping up. Leave it for a bit moving the mouse if it works or pressing a key to keep the screen awake to stop it going to a black screen.
I always encounter error during restoring OS X Base System to USB drive. It fails to restore at the last minutes with USB 2.0. I tried every USB port with the same problem. However, I could create the USB drive if the USB drive is USB3.0.
Try applying Spakks's USB fix with my USB kext replacing the one in his package. Maybe the two will work better together.
Ok, I have created two usb3.0 installers with USB V3 kext. Both usb installer could run into installer, however, one of them could use the mouse and keyboard during setup screen but the second usb installer could not use the mouse. They were created by the same files and kext. I don't know why.

After I finalize the setup, installer started to install from 13 minutes remaining then 12 minutes, then back to 13 minutes and to 12 minutes. Then installation said could not install due to Essentials.pkg. I had to reboot back to Yosemite, then it says the usb installer is damaged so I have to create the usb installer again. I create this installer using 10.11.4 (15xx65). Should I get another copy of El Capitan? Where I can download it?
In reference to the Essentials.pkg error it sounds like the USB installer is corrupt. Try to repair the drive in Disk Utility then copy the Packages folder over again.
Ok. I finally installed El Capitan on my HDD.

1) create USB installer with your latest kernel together with the extra folder from USB V3 kext.

2) After installation, I boot back to Yosemite and copy the latest kernel and the extra folder of USB V3 to El Capitan HDD. Then install USB V3 kexts to El Capitan HDD and fix the permission.

3) Also install Enoch on El Capitan HDD.

4) Boot into El Capitan and install the sound kext from your download.

Problems to be solved:
1) I can't find the app to adjust the sound as it has noise from speakers.

2) kext for Ethernet. DPCIManager says it is RTL8111/8168/8411 PCI Express Gigabyte Ethernet Controller.

Further update (1):
1) I installed the ethernet kext from Yosemite, now I can use the internet.

2) Sound issue to be solved. I installed the VoodooHDA.kext for sound device. But it has background noise from speakers. I could use the program "VoodooHDA setting loader" to reduce the background noise in Setting of Yosemite which was built-in feature. I copied this VoodooHDA setting loader from Yosemite to El Capitan application folder but it doesn't load.

Further update (2):
1) Fixed the sound issue, just download the kext for my sound device. Now it's working fine.

2) My El Capitan version is 10.11, is it possible I upgrade to 10.11.4 via app store?
Glad you got it all sorted. As you have access to Yosemite I recommend the following update procedure.

Download the 10.11.4 Combo update from the link below. Make a backup of the kernel and any kexts that may be replaced by the update. Install the update from Yosemite but remember to change the install destination!! Once it's installed to the El Capitan partition copy the kernel and any kexts that are needed for example the USB Fix. Repair permissions and you should be able to boot into 10.11.4
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Thanks Shanee, I see there are lot of kexts in Extension folder, how do I know which kexts are required and useful for my system? Should I just copy the entire folder then install all the kexts after update?

Shanee, just donated a small amount to help the forum.

Edit 2:
Just tried to update to 10.11.4 but failed when update the system. Don't know what caused it!
You only need to copy kexts that you've modified before.

Thank you for the donation.

Did the update fail or did it not boot afterwards?
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