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Tutorials for the installation and post install.
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by: Chad
I’ve decided to create this guide to help users who are not able to download apps from the App Store after a clean install as it always seems to be an issue. This is for anyone experiencing “An unexpected error occurred while signing in” when trying to download apps.



1. Click the Apple Logo in the upper left corner and open “About This Mac”

2. Click the “System Report…” button on the Overview tab


3. Click network and find “Ethernet”


4. Make sure Ethernet’s “BSD Device Name” is something other than “en0”. If it is “en0” skip to step 9.

5. Open System Preferences->Network, and remove all interfaces


6. Navigate to /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/ and delete “NetworkInterfaces.plist”


7. Reboot and add all networks interfaces back in System Preferences->Network

8. App Store should work and download apps normally after signing in. If this is not the case, continue to step 9

9. Navigate to your “Extra” folder on the root of your drive, and open your “org.chameleon.Boot.plist” with any text editor


10. Add the following:

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11. Reboot and the App Store should be functional

This is not my fix, All credit goes to Shaneee who led me to this solution.
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by: ydeng
Thanks for the post. AppStore now works for me.
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by: Shaneee
thaskar wrote:how can i do this on Clover
Same process for the files but the boot flag isn't needed.
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by: amit minz
hey guys, help me here.. i am getting the same error .. i tried above solution and edit plist file but still not able to sign in

help me thanks
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by: vitorlage
@amit minz, Try this one
Code: Select all
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by: amit minz
@vitorlage, i tried this method also but no luck.. still not able to signin..

please help me
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by: miamori
@chad.. thanks a lot man, now even icloud works.. :thumbup:
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