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Tutorials for the installation and post install.
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by: Chad
For those who would rather watch a video than read :thumbup:

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thank you chad ! for the tut.
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by: Chad
Updated this thread to make it slightly more relevant! :thumbup: Hope it keeps helping new users :D
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by: horpion
i think you need to add that in clover configurator have function "generate config", which can help with config.plist for system
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by: Norton287
With V5 config.plists are prebuilt if you read the postinstall/files/clover installation document carefully.
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by: Eklund
I´m a real n00b on this and I got stuck immediately during boot.
Have a hard tim to explain what happened but I cannot get to the clover boot options in the video, mine looks way different. I went for the SierraAMD for windows option...and went for a clean install HDD...and no go.
Should I have a Win10 install on my HDD before my install of Sierra?
I'm pretty clueless right now...
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by: Norton287
What's your hardware specs?. Take a picture of where it's stopping you and attach it to the post. Click the add files button and browse for your jpg.
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by: Johndough
HI Chad

I followed the procedure you demonstrated in the video on youtube:


However after installing the audio, the default channel selected is 7.1, the line-out(green rear) is not available.
Also the sound that I head has a crackle in it. A very small amount but the crack in audio is there

Any way to fix it ?
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