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Tutorials for the installation and post install.
In this tutorial I will show you how to navigate the OS X installer with just a keyboard if your mouse doesn't work. If your keyboard also doesn't work then follow the link below to apply the USB-Fix for El Capitan V3:
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When you reached El Capitan install screen "Use English for the main language". Press "Enter" to go to the next screen. The next screen is the OS X logo with "Back" and "Continue" buttons. From here press Ctrl+F2 to select Menu bar

Press Arrow right to move to Utility. Then pressSpace bar to choose the menu, then arrow down to move to Disk Utility, Space bar to choose it. The "Disk Utility" window will appear on screen.

Press Ctrl+F4 to jump into Disk Utility window and Arrow keys to move to the HDD to highlight it. Then Ctrl+F5 to jump to Disk Utility tools bar and Arrow keys to move to "Erase" button and Space bar to choose it.

Once finished press the Windows key and Q to close Disk Utility.

Then press Tab to choose between "Back" button and "Continue" button.

Once on "Continue" button, Press the Space bar to continue, read (or not) the Agreement, then press Tab to highlight the "Continue" button and the Space bar to choose it.
Tab to choose "Agree" and the Space bar to continue. Press the Arrow up key, then Arrow left or right to highlight the HDD.
Tab to jump to "Customise" button, Tab again to jump to "Back" button and Tab again to jump to "Continue" button. Once Continue is highlighted press the Space bar to continue.

When finished installation. Reboot with the USB to the Menu bar again, then using Arrow keys to move to Utility sub-menu, press the Space bar to choose it and move down and choose Terminal to copy folders and files to HDD with Shaneee's post install tutorial here, viewtopic.php?f=24&t=80

When Terminal window appeared, I pressed Ctrl+F4 to jump into Terminal.

When I finished installation, reboot into HDD, my mouse is OK again.

So, you do not need to use mouse in installation screen, just use keyboard, you can complete the installation.

Using keyboard in installation screen:
  • Enter key or Space bar: Continue, OK
  • Ctrl + F2: Choose the menu bar
  • Arrow up, down, left, right keys: Choose HDD, choose sub-menus
  • Ctrl+F4: Move into Terminal window (when Terminal window appear on the screen) or move into Disk Utility window (when Disk Utility windows appear on the screen).
  • Ctrl+F5: Move to Disk Utility tools bar (when the HDD is highlighted), Arrow keys to move to Erase button and Space bar to choose it.
Any issues with this tutorial please comment :thumbup:
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@therealarik, The controls should be very similar. Either enter or the spacebar should select the continue buttons and tab to select them.
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