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mmm..everything went fine on the script and wen reboot it shows the audio device but the sound its rly rly rly low (I can barely hear it).
Any help will be appreciated
I got a Asus rog crosshair vii x470 with alc1220.
not sure what I did wrong
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by: AlGrey
@Leisures, ioreg looks good. Asus mobos are little picky with their 1220A codec. You are using the onboard audio right ? (I see an usb DAC)
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by: AlGrey
@Dave Corley, send me the ioreg with voodohda.kext
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@Leisures, ya it's Asus specific. We don't have a solution for that.
@AlGrey, Done!

Actually attached are two IOREG dumps. One is my current IOREG with VoodooHDA, another is after I enabled "FixHDA" in the ACPI tab of Clover config. I was able to get 1022:1457 recognized as HDEF but the installer script returned: "There is a problem with your ACPI Patch" when I tried it using this config.

Thanks for the help!
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by: pianoman2
I need to download the "Script + config.zip" file, but I can not find it anywhere. Where is this file link?
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by: AlGrey
@Dave Corley, well your issue is that HDEF should be the name of the pci1022,[email protected] under it.
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@pianoman2, login to see it
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@forwuwenkai, rebuild cache
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@Valamyr, no support for Mojave yet
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Beta Mojave support.
Add/Replace Lilu and AppleALC in /EFI/CLOVER/KEXTS/Other
Make sure you remove VoodooHDA and AppleHDADisabler
In your config.plist, use boot args :
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also remove the legacy layout-id injection if you have it in your config.plist

01/30/2019 : updated version with new approach from Vit. https://github.com/acidanthera/bugtracker/issues/296
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