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Tutorials for the installation and post install.
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by: redor
Norton287 wrote: Fri Sep 15, 2017 8:22 pm
redor wrote:I did as you told me to. The problem is now it only boots using USB or Safemode otherwise it just says "Still waiting for root device
And you redid post install copying shaneees new kernel, deleting the prelinkedkernel and running repairpermissions and then kextcache-u /?
Oops I forgot about them :D I did them it boots just fine. Thank you for your help :)


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by: Norton287
No problem glad you're working :thumbup:
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by: Mike-SW
Did the update, it showed loop errors about USB, applied your latest USB fix from installation stick and now everything boots fine, but gives me error about failed to load dependency com.apple.driver.usb, than it boots, but mouse and keyboard don`t work, tried USBBusFix=Yes flag with no luck. Anything I can do else?
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by: Mike-SW
The problem is even if I boot from installer, USB still don`t work. Btw, I have this errors when rebuilding caches.
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by: Norton287
Grab the new usb update from the kext programs tools forum it's a sticky. Use kext utility to install
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by: Mike-SW
The thing is, I`m unable to use keyboard and mouse at all, so I can`t use kext utility. Anyway, I`m gonna rollback to 10.11.5 and reinstall update. Can I just copy USB fixes to SLE from install stick terminal, delete caches etc. and run repair permission script? Will it work?
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by: Norton287
Yeah should
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by: Mike-SW
It worked, but after system booted up I`ve got "no HPETs available... CPUs xonfigured incorrectly" and kernel panic.
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by: Norton287
Do you have hpet enabled in your bios? Also do you have a dsdt.aml configured in clover?
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