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Tutorials for the installation and post install.
The title may not justify what I have done, so basically, if you have dual booted Windows and OS X, and you are still working on the OSX install, I found a way which allows you to simutaneously run both OS'.

Before you start, you will need:
OSX installed on a seperate HDD (not tried with partitions, I do not think it would work, as the HDD will have to loading both windows and mac, so I am not sure)
VMWare Workstation 11 (havent tried with Fusion or Player)
Windows host machine

Before you start, do this at your own risk, I do not know if there would be any implications to your actual HDD or OS X install, so do this at your own risk.

To get started, open up VMWare Workstation, and create new virtual machine

Select "typical", then install operating system later.

Select "Other" and "Other 64-bit"

Now keep pressing next until you finish the vm creation wizard.

Next, you need to edit virtual machine settings, and select the hard disk (IDE) then press remove.

Now press Add (admin rights required), then Hard Disk > SATA > Use a physical drive > Select your disk
**If you do not know which disk is your OSX, then open up disk management and look at the disk numbers, in my case, my osx disk was disk 3, so I selected PhysicalDisk3)

Name it anything.

You do need to edit the processor and ram settings, I chose 4 cores and 8GB RAM.

Finally, you need to press add again and add USB Controller > Select USB 2.0 and select all boxes.

Boot! You may need to boot with specific GPU boot args, but this should boot you into your OS X install. :)

If you have any questions then let me know!

:) :thumbup: :thumbup: :-D :wave:


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