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Tutorials for the installation and post install.
ok, it seems faster using High Sierra for Radeon 2
I try using the flags you suggested


You see...
It doesn't boot, I don't seee clover at boot, there is no chance to modify any flag.
Ok, I modified the flags, as you said, of the USB installer in my MacOS using clover configurator and...
same as above, I don't see clover
if I start from USB and not from EFI usb it works BUT afterwards I cannot choose to boot from the 10.13.2 installer as that one shows up in clover
Use your regular enoch based 10.13.1 installer and just rely on your clover to show you the Boot macOS Install from YOURPARTITION name. Use the USB to do preinstall and postinstall
so clover should dynamically see that such MacOs installation has an installer ready to run?
by doing so up to know I had the system starting up without any installer running
It doesn't work!
I never get to do any post install
I do the pre install on the selected USB MacOS BUT when I run such MacOS after doing 11-reboot there's no pre install waiting, it's a normal boot!
Tested with 4 different USB keys and done probably 20 times.

After what's on the image comes the login window
IMG_0029.jpg (2.65 MiB) Viewed 659 times
there's one thing I don't get.
Does the pre install tell clover to boot from a different file than usual?
because with clover anything else is skipped
If so, how?

I have different EFI/Clover: On my Nvme, on my USB MacOS, on my USB thumb drive..
which one does it tell?
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