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Tutorials for the installation and post install.
"You choose the partition from USB named Boot macOS Install from YOURPARTITIONNAME should get you to the real installer."
When from USB I choose YOURPARTITIONNAME (MacOSUSB) the system simply boots up like there was no installer...


It should be Boot macOS Install from MacOSUSB if not run part 1 again. I know it installs to USB External I did it last night to get some images.
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Are you using enoch boot USB or Clover boot USB?
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External drives not an SSD is it?
Issue is I did it many times, script 1 says it writes then I reboot from USB KEY select MacOSUSB and it just boots up
Am I using the wrong USB key? The one you gave me yesterday didn't boot at all.
Had created the only one that works for me which is HighSierraAMD I guess it's enoch (only one that works for me)
external is a traditional HD

just so I can check, what and where script 1 should be writing?
which folder and files

it makes a macos installer folder on the root of the drive, enoch would be why you can't see it. Download the clover one again restore with transmac, it should boot without selecting the UEFI USB, just the normal USB.
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Updated installation instructions for App Store Installer
is the clover one the one named HighSierraAMD_V2.dmg?
also, where can I get the apfs.efi file?
But that "High Sierra for Radeon 2" doesn't boot in my Mac
I have Nvdia graphics

These ones bot:
possibly HighSierraAMD_V2
thanks.I try.
Why I need to use that one btw? and the others wouldn't work?
Does it have a different script to start the install process?
it's the upgrade process, you could use V2 usb I guess but since this is coming from the store I don't know for sure haven't tested it. You could just boot off V2 and do an upgrade, just follow the tutorial and skip to the part where I say for users upgrading.
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