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Tutorials for the installation and post install.
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by: Serenity
I have noticed a lot of users have relatively the same build or close to the same build as many others here including myself. I have taken the time to write up this guide in order to help those of you who can not install OS X or are stuck somewhere along the way.

System Requirements

CPU with SSE4.1 Support (and fx 6300, 8150 for example)
HDD/SSD for sierraAMD
Windows or WindowsVM
USB with a minimum of 8gb free space
SierraAMD image on the download page app.php/bbdownloads/sierra.html


Bios Settings

VT-d = Off
Windows 7 installation mode = Off
Serial port (Super I/O) = Off
EFI Boot = On
Sata AHCI = On
CSM = On
USB Legacy =On
Secure Boot = Off (if it exists)
Fast Boot = Off
Set ErP = Enabled
Set XHCI Handoff to Enabled

(If your motherboard supports any of them)

USB Set up

If you haven’t already please follow shaneee’s tutorial on how to do so. tutorial
Once you Have finished setting up your USB and restored it with the SierraAMD image (what I did was) open the USB in TransMac and double check everything is in there.
If you do not have the kernel and/or the post.sh script download them here http://forum.amd-osx.com/download/file.php?id=2246


Booth with the USB installer and select SierraAMD and hit enter.
You shouldn’t need to enter any boot flags as the installer already boots with -v npci=0x2000 and nv_disable=1
If you have USB3 use that instead of USB2 you’ll thank me later.

Once you’re in the installer and at the select language screen go ahead and open up disk utility and partition, Erase, or make room for Sierra to be installed.

After you have set up your hard drive to your liking go ahead and start the installation.

***Please note, A LOT of people complain about freezing or the system going to sleep. What I did was I kept something heavy on BOTH the windows (command) key and the L key to constantly bring up the log to keep the system awake. People have said move your mouse, I’m sure moving the mouse would work but the install CAN take anywhere between 12 minutes to a couple hours depending.***

Also if you get waiting for Root device upon boot hot swap your USB

Post Install

After Sierra has been installed you’re going to need to boot BACK into the installer and run a couple commands through Terminal this time.
Firstly open up terminal and run
Sh /Volumes/SierraAMD/PostInstall/post.sh
(If you’re not getting anything from that this is what I did)

Sh /Volumes/SierraAMD/PostInstall
ls (LS)
Sh post.sh

I had to do this to make sure that the commands were doing what they were supposed to.

After you run the post.sh script at the end it will ask you If you want to delete your recovery partition (y/n?) that’s completely up to you.

First Boot

Once you have run the script and everything was replaced successfully you can now restart your computer, please note you still need the USB for now. Boot through the USB and this time select your HD.
Once your on your desktop WITHOUT -X download and run Kext Utility (seriously you need to do this!!!)


Clover Tutorial viewtopic.php?f=24&t=1613

I know Vitorlage’s guide has enoch included. I don’t like enoch and it honestly kind of sucks so I only included Clover. It’s simple and easy to set up
Install and set up clover. Once you have set up clover you need to mount your EFI partition and go into it. Go into S/L/E and replace your config.plist file with the one I have included for you
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Graphics Cards

For those of you who run Nvidia’s cards follow this tutorial

For those of you running Radeon’s cards, you shouldn’t’t need to install any drivers as they come with Sierra, although you should check this thread to make sure it’s compatible Out of the box
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If you have any trouble anywhere please feel free to leave a reply or message me on here or on the discord and I’ll be more than happy to help!
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