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Tutorials for the installation and post install.
Yes, ACHI is enabled, i also tried to turn it off


You'll need ACHI on in order for OS x to detect your Hdd. Can you get to the installer currently?
Finally I've done it. Sierra is installed now. Ive did the post install like described in the tutorial, installed kext utility and all went fine as I can say. But when I install Clover or Enoch (step by step, like in the tut) its like it doesn't any effect. I can only boot into the OS X with the USB Installer. But every setting I set is reseted when I get back into the OS X. Is that a known issue?
By the way, thanks for all your help!!
Good to hear you got it working! Enjoy your hack! Wish me luck on my Intel hack adventures....it's proving more difficult than I would've liked....
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Also replaced your clove config.plist file with the one I have in my tutorial that might help you
Thank you guys soooo much I love you all, you are my heroes! My Sierra installation works very well. It seams like the CPU and the GPU are working properly. But I think, I got still problems with my usb device. Ive installed, Native Instruments Maschine, every Plugin is loading and its working but: my Maschine Controller (Midi Device) doesn't work properly... could you help me with the USB issues?
@moOXiii, Try with this, viewtopic.php?f=23&t=2073
Ive tried it, installation went fine but its the same problem.
Have you tried changing the MIDI settings? There's an app in the Applications > Utilities folder called Audio MIDI Setup.
yes I've tried this also, I'm pretty sure, there is not enough power on the USB ports, thats why my devices are not working properly. In the System properities it displays all USB ports but working with only 12gbit/s speed is that normal?
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