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Tutorials for the installation and post install.
first of all you will need to follow this guide (thanks to vio)

After you have set everything up (I recommend using clover as it is easier to set up) if you have problems with booting with clover use this config.plist file that will set up clover to boot without any problems granted you have Nvidia drivers installed and running a compatible AMD processor

If you run into any other problems please feel free to ask and I will help out! It took me 5 days of trial and error to get working! p.s use iMac 14,2 in SMBIOS or Mac Pro 5,1


Thanks for ur fast reply. I'm already stuck. The USB Installer is not booting. I'm choosing to boot USB first, then it's trying to but instantly it skips and boots into windows. What's the problem here?
are you using the sierraAMD usb?
Yes and I started the installer but it Stucks somehow at 15 minutes remaining... I've tried again but it's the same. The hdd led isn't even running... I'm waiting since an hour now
Trust me it can take anywhere from 12 minutes to 3 hours. I think mine took roughly an hour and a half. So trust me it's working. What I did to make sure my hd didn't goto sleep was put something heavy on the alt key and L key to keep everything awake and watched tv.
hi. I gave up... it was stuck for minimum 12 hours. So I've plugged in a further hdd only for mac. But now I can't even access the installer anymore...
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Are there any errors when starting the installer?
It's the CPU info screen before Darwin bootloader comes... (press a key to continue) i press it and it freezes
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And no. There are no messages coming
Is this on the HDD that you replaced the other one with?
i didnt replaced a HDD, ive added a 3hrd one. SATA 120. Im still trying to boot from the USB Stick...

When i plug the USB Stick into the pc, then it "boots" some gpt messages. After that, a new screen appears with CPU INFOS where i have to press anything to continue. But then nothing happens... i dont understand that, because yesterday , before i plugged in the HDD , at least i got into the OSX Installer itself. Ive tryed to plug the new HDD off but its the same issue.
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